High Tip Bucket


OCE high tip buckets come in a range of sizes from 3m² up to 16m². They are built to withstand the challenging conditions in industrial environments loading every type of material such as coal, wood chip, grain, refuse etc. All oce products are built with certified high grade steel, with industrial products this is particularly important in avoiding breakdowns because of the huge volumes of material they move. Products are shot blasted and finished with 2 pack paint to deal with corrosive conditions they have to work in.

Frame construction:

The lifting frame is built as a single piece from the loading shovel coupler to the mounting pin of the bucket, the force of the loader is transmitted directly to the bucket for extreme strength particularly important when digging out compressed material.

Bucket construction:

The bucket shell is constructed with high grade steel and is built using as much laser cut and folded parts as possible minimizing welding joints. This results in a stronger overall structure less prone to fatigue breaks.

Extra high tip:

We can manufacture buckets with extra high tip and tip angle for loading high side trailers typically transporting woodchip.

Every bucket we manufacture is designed specifically for each customer to suit the materials they are handling such as coal, grain, woodchip, gypsum, alfalfa etc.

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11 cubic metre
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